The Secret to Alchemy

Student: What is love?

Master: The absence of fear.

Student: What is it we fear?

Master: Love.

              WHAT IS ALCHEMY?

At it’s core Alchemy is a theory of transforming matter.


The theory starts with a legend of ancients being able to transform lead into gold. The *potential* for iron to become gold is there all along, the question is: will it? It’s process of removing the impurities within the lead to allow the gold to come into being.


If you never read another book, blog post, or had another conversation about it for the rest of your life know that. 

Love is the key.

Love is the language of the universe, the universe only understands love... and the universe thinks we all got the message... The Universe, God, Chi, Stardust, Prana, Life, Source, Spirit, Nature-- whatever you call it-- only understands the language of love. It's not about what you don't want, it's about what you do want.

The universal powers that be think we got the memo: whatever we give our attention to is received by the 'universal powers that be' as something we must love, so therefore, the universe, kindly blesses us with more of that-- that which we put our attention on.


Since, the universe only understands in terms of love, the process of removal is actually the process of focusing on whatwe want more of.

The very act of removing something implies energy towards that thing.

Energy towards a thing means more of it. So, ‘to remove’ is misleading because in the act of removal- we perpetuate. Therefore, the true process of removal isn’t about minus-ing anything, it’s about adding what you do want. Through the very nature of how things work, removal is inevitable.

How totally bizarrely backwards to the way we are taught (or at least the way I was taught) about how the world works!

It’s not about not removal through removal; it’s about removal through shifting the focus onto desires. All else will naturally fall away.

That is Alchemy.

You've got the key in your hand... all you have to do is find the lock....

What do you love?