Dirty Lotus

Let us rejoice in the bitterness of yearning and celebrate the roses of thorn bushes!

O Heart! You Clever fool. You are brilliant in the perseverance of your desire. You inspire me! How unattached to the outcome, how persistent in your faith! I love that! Able to turn your face to the sun refusing to change course but willing to change the story. I want to be like that! You can be questioned and queried with logic and reason, yet you persist. I want to be like that! You don't refuse to feel bad- you choose to feel good! Even if Brain balks and stalks, you persist in believing in love, in abundance.ni want to be like that! I admire you. 

These revelations & breakthroughs are my om mani pad me hum.

Om Mani Pad Me Hum is a mantra that can be roughly translated to mean "all hail the jewel in the lotus"

Fun Fact: Mantra can be roughly translated to mean mind protector.

I think the thing about om mani pad me hum is that the jewels we find in our lotus', are ours, if we show them or explain them- there's no way another one could understand- with our culture being as it is, with our habitual tendency to value (to some degree, in a genuine honest, means of survival type of way) the viewpoint our culture has on our precious and sacred lotus jewel.

Appreciation by others in a way that matches or equals our own does not exist from another- & how could it!? For isn't the thing that makes it the true jewel in the heart of the lotus (the lotus being the sacred precious flower that grows in muddy waters) that it’s our jewel- & how could anyone understand the prize of such a sacred thing: defying odds and braving the cold dark world of our conquered muddy waters. Well, we tell them of course! We explain our muddy water, so they can appreciate our jewel, as we do! We describe in Grave detail the mud & murk & grime of our story & in doing so, we stir up the still glass pond of our hearts. 

What was once a thick layer of silt providing a wonderful rich & fertile environment for our lotus hearts to grow is now no longer a crystal pond clear enough to drink from. In trying to prove and explain the value of our jewel to another- we stir it up the murk. We bring it to the surface of our awareness making ripples and waves in the silence of our glass pond of awareness- we disturb that fertile layer. I suppose the most beautiful thing of the lotus- the thing that makes it most sacred of all is that despite that, because of that, the lotus survives, the lotus thrives.


The lotus waits with patience & a peace so deep it defies logical understanding.

I want to be like that.

The lotus of our hearts peacefully waits for the water to filter the mud & rebuild that solid foundation of fertile ground for further growth. All the while keeping our heart jewel safe & protected awaiting the release of attention on our churned up muddy water and for our attention to be returned to the heart lotus, to grow, nourish, strengthen and further crystallize that pure precious om mani pad me hum jewel.

Things fall away as things fall together. Things die off as things start to bloom.