What did the Yogi Say?

This is a great way to reduce ear wax build up, help with inner ear issues, do a routine ear cleaning & reduce vertigo symptoms. 

The ear getting candled in the video has had ear tubes 5 times, ruptured 3 or 4 times. All of that scar tissue means that my ear is extremely sensitive and this was a totally rewarding experience. (Wish I knew about it before my surgeries!!!)

Materials Needed: 
- Sour candy (helps stimulate glands that promote ear wax movement, and it tastes good!)
-Bowl with water
-Paper plate covered with tinfoil with a hole in the middle
-ear candles
-someone to help you
-relaxing music

-when cutting the ashed part of the candle, don't cut too close to the flame
-make sure to not squeeze the candle, keeping the integrity of the tube is important (the person getting candled should not really touch it)
-the smoke sometimes takes 1-3 mins to start coming out of the tapered end (if you get impatient go ahead and just start)
-make sure the seal between the ear candle and the ear hole is good- that no smoke is coming out around that area, this is what creates the vacuum (and this vacuum causes the heat to funnel down the taper and the smoke to seek air, going up & out of the candle. The heat in the ear, with a good seal, creates the vacuum pulling the ear wax out)
-the white powdery substance is a byproduct of the beeswax, the dark brown solid substance is ear wax
-bees wax is the safest and most effective medium for candleing, parrafin can drip wax into the ear and is overall less effective
- be careful with q tips!! they shouldn't really do in any farther than you can stick your index finger in your ear... 
-a few days after ear candle you may experience additional draining, so cleaning them out in the shower or bath/ carefully getting additional residue with a q tip may be necessary

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Disclaimer: at your own risk, I'm not a doctor, consult professionals, dump in bio hazard waste bins, you know the drill... Be safe!

For Your Very Own Ear Candles: