If given the chance to change your life, would you?

I love tea, books, yoga, martial arts, astrology and my dog.

I love tea, books, yoga, martial arts, astrology and my dog.

Since I was a child I’ve held a firm belief that it is possible to be happy with the people we become, with the lives we live, and what we do, while making the money we deserve, so we can give even more back to inspire others to do and be the same. What a world that would be!

I’ve had a dream about every single human on this planet happily and nobly dedicating themselves towards a positive cause for the betterment of us all while fulfilling their individual needs, wants, desires and dreams. & I fully believe this is possible.

Growing up I moved countless times and developed deep interpersonal relationships with those around me. Being an offspring of some nomadic folks, people often much older than I have always felt comfortable confiding their hidden inner truths with me: some people were happy, some people were sad. Material possessions and financial status made no difference on the state of a person’s inner truth. It always came down to how they viewed who they’d become, and what they were doing.

I am a pioneer in promoting and inspiring people to do what they love, so we can spread around our beautiful positive energy.

After college, I wound up in the corporate financial planning industry thinking this was the best way help people and have a 'good job'.  Conducting hundreds of interviews all over LA with every demographic, I got a very deep, personal and objective inside look on many people’s lives. I learned the most important thing in life is to live the life you love. I quickly learned that chasing people all over LA, working crazy hours, and ‘office life’ was not leading me to the life I loved. It was not work I loved, and was not my ideal way to serve.

Searching for a better way to live, I found myself spending an ungodly amount of time exploring successful people on instagram doing what they loved and inspiring others to do the same. “How can their ‘normal’ be so much different than my normal?!” I became inspired, spending all my energy trying to figure out if I too, could change my normal, do what I loved, and inspire others to do the same.

I spent the entirety of my youth and early adult years, my savings and my credit in search of ‘my passion’. I looked in 6 states, 4 colleges and relocated countless times totaling more than 13,000 miles, all in search of what it takes to have a happy life. I went in search of what I love, and (…eventually) I found it.


My passion & reason for walking on this earth, is in helping people unbury their own inner treasure, to inspire others to find their own worth & to use that shining jewel of their true authentic self to make a positive impact on this world, in this universe.

I am here help other people live their dreams; become that person they hold in their mind’s eye.

My life has brought me experience, tools, and understanding about how hard change can be, especially if you really want it, really, really, REALLY badly.

Now, I am building the life I love, while doing what I love!

I’m helping people build the lives they dream of while I build the life of my dreams.

I am living in a real dream world.